Tomorrow Bangladesh will play an ODI match to whitewash India 2022.

Bangladesh cricket team won the series by defeating India in the second one-day match. The Bangladesh team will enter the field tomorrow to whitewash the third match if the Indian team wants to win the third one-day match. Also, the way they play on the field, it is expected that Bangladesh will not be defeated by the Indian team. The team will try their best to beat India in the third match by playing their best game. They will play two games in the field at 12:30 PM tomorrow to whitewash the Bangladesh team with the runs and wickets the team needs. 

The Indian team can use different methods. India has experienced players and even though they have experienced players, Bangladesh has lost two matches and the Indian cricket team is shy. Even if the Bangladesh cricket team wins the series, the Bangladesh team will enter the field with the goal of whitewash in the third match. Is playing a great innings in the first match defeated the Indian team. can be called the mic for the team to win the series by playing a wonderful innings in the first one-day match in the second one-day match.

Performance of Bangladesh team: 

India is now afraid of Bangladesh team because if somehow Bangladesh team wins this match then India's honor will be lost to maintain the performance of the team. The India team has to do their team runs and bowling well. Then the Indian team wins against the Bangladesh team. Can hope to do Bangladesh cricket at present playing a great game in the one day format Bangladesh team has acquired an ability to beat or defeat any team. 

The Bangladesh team is now far ahead in Che game so the Tiger army will take the field tomorrow to whitewash India in the third match as  performance in the last match gave the team a big advantage to win. Bangladesh's performance has the players in the team to beat any team in the world, so Bangladesh team will have the ability to put up a great performance against India tomorrow.

How is the Indian team doing: 

India can beat any team but they lost two matches to Bangladesh due to poor performance of team players. In the one day match. So the way the Indian team should play now, their main goal should be to run or bowl well if the team needs it, maybe the Indian team can hope for something better in the third one day match. 

Now if India gets whitewashed in the third then we can expect how the condition of the Indian team will be. Bangladesh will play well and whitewash India in the third match and send off the Indian team. In the third match the Bangladesh team should perform well.

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